Our first pup
This is the pup that is responsible for the group's being. A very healthy fat pup.
Adult Seals
  • Female Seal

    This is one of our regular Females. She has used this beach over a ten year period to raise her pups. We named her Batty

  • Bull Seal

    This was the resident Bull Seal. His reign ended in 2004 when a younger Bull came and challenged him for the beach. They shared the beach that year, but he never returned in 2005

Welcome to Cwmtydu Bay Wildlife

In September 2001, residents and visitors were fortunate to witness a wonderful sight of the birth of an Atlantic grey seal pup on a small beach in West Wales.

Grey seals pup every year around our coastline, usually in inaccessible coves and sea caves. This little beach offers shelter from rough seas when the sea caves are washed out.

A 'seal watch' was started.

This involves keeping people and dogs away from the pups, and providing information to visitors on the importance of the bonding process and nurturing between the females and the pups, which lasts for about three weeks.

Any break of the bond or disturbance could result in the mother abandoning the pup, resulting in the pup starving, or being washed out to sea and drowning.

With support and understanding we can ensure the seal pups have a good chance of survival. 

If you have found an abandoned pup: Firstly; Is it abandoned?

  • Please keep your distance and keep dogs away
  • Watch to see if the female returns, pups may look abandoned but the females are usually close by in the sea.
  • Do not attempt to touch, Adult seals can cause serious injury, and pups can and will BITE
  • Do not attempt to return it to the sea
  • If you are concerned it is sick, injured or abandoned, please contact; 

          Milford Haven Seal Hospital,Telephone 01646 692943 / 07970 285056 or the RSPCA 0300 123 4999

  • If your enquiry is relating to a dead Seal, or Marine animal please contact; the Strandings Co-ordinator (Wales) 01239 682405 

We welcome new volunteers for seal watching at Cwmtydu.

Please contact us for details, if you can spare four or more hours a week during August to October.